Artist's Process: Cocoally

Ally Burguieres is a visual artist and writer. Her oil and acrylic paintings have exhibited in Brazil, England, France, Germany, Ireland, and the Unites States, with prints and original pieces finding homes in collections worldwide. Ally holds a PhD for her writing and research on art and media in everyday life. Her academic background includes a Bachelor's in Literature, a Master's in Journalism, and a second Master's in Communications. She has four sisters, is devoted to animal rights and conservation, and blogs about her art adventures and vegan lifestyle at

Ally Burguieres' brick-and-mortar art gallery, Gallery Burguieres, which she owns and operates with her mother Janice, opened in Summer 2011 in the heart of the New Orleans, Louisiana's French Quarter.In 2013, Ally began printing her designs on clothing under the name Cocoally.An artisan boutique and clothing line located in the historic French Quarter and the beautiful Lower Garden District of New Orleans, Cocoally is a brand designed to promote positivity and kindness to animals.



Ally hand paints all the designs in her studio...

 Designs are printed onto high quality products...

And the end result looks amazing!

Check out the whole Cocoally range for an array of animal loving, stylish clothes and accessories.

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