Our Story

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High Vibe Lifestyle - Originally Founded in Honolulu, Hawaii.

That feeling of finding inner peace through building a spiritual sanctuary through community and personal practices, yoga, and meditation is the core of what we want to share with the world.

We work hard to support the small businesses and local artisans in our Featured Artist section by showcasing their unique and handmade products for the community so they may help to manifest joy through the sharing of gifts and to promote a pure and organic, animal-friendly lifestyle.

We believe that making these types of products accessible, popular, and visible is how we can encourage change in the way our society consumes. We take our support hands on and do not use third party charities. 

Products we know and care about, and that we want to share with the world.

We strive to encourage positive change in the world through our little store... one item at a time.

Your love and support is appreciated.

We welcome you. Namaste.