Featured Artists FAQ

What is a Featured Artist?

Artisans from all around the world form the Featured Artists Collection. We understand the value of supporting small businesses and helping talented individuals receive the exposure that they deserve! The Featured Artists Collection is a vibrant and inspiring community of small businesses and local talents coming together to share their handmade products, with a view to promoting a positive lifestyle.


How does this make Kismet Collections different from other stores?

We like to think that by connecting individuals like yourself, to small businesses that you might have never found otherwise, we can help to create a positive experience for everyone. We work closely with our Artists to ensure that we are doing everything we can to help shine a light on what is unique about their values and products. We believe that each and every Artist that is a part of our ever-growing collection has something completely unique to offer, so be sure to take a look at our Artist List to find the Artists that are right for you!


How can I find out more about an Artist?

To learn more about a Featured Artist, be sure to take a look at their ‘Artist’s Story’ and ‘Artist’s Process’ pages located at the top of their collection. Here is where you’ll find more details on how they create their products, what inspired them to start their store, and much more!


How I do know how long my item will take to arrive?

Each Featured Artist has their own unique shipping policies and delivery times, so be sure to check out their ‘Artist’s Policies’ page before placing an order to avoid disappointment!


Are all Featured Artists products vegan friendly?

Yes! The values of our Featured Artists align completely with those of Kismet Collections, and we make sure to only bring you vegan friendly products.


Do Featured Artists ship worldwide?

Although most of our Artists are able to ship worldwide, be sure to check the product description and ‘Artist’s Policies’ page for the Artist before ordering to double check. If you accidentally order a product to an ineligible country, that portion of your order will unfortunately be refunded (but the rest of your order will be unaffected and shipped as usual).


How do I become a Featured Artist?

Thank you for the interest! If you are a small business that shares the same values and style as Kismet Collections, please feel free to send a message to featuredartists.kismet@gmail.com and we will do our best to get back to you! We are always on the lookout for new artisans to work with, and for ways to grow our Featured Artists community.



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