Artist's Story: Changnoi Bags

Small Business. Big passion. 

My name is Narissara. I was born in Lampang Province northern Thailand, In 1990 in small village named Ban Hong far from the city. When I was young, I loved to draw pictures from what I saw in my backyard. There are trees, a river, flowers and fields. My family, They are a farmer and also have a part time job sewing hats. The income is very low.

When I was 24 years old. After I have marry, I am determined to move with my husband to Chiang Mai while my daughter born will in soon. I look for a business that I can use my art skill to help my husband to support my family. I decided to study about how to produce handbags, wallets, clothing and more from the master of leather in Chiang Mai. All of my products there are from my idea, my imagination, my local style and merge to good quality products for every day use.

Changnoi produces quality bags. These are made using local fabric, embroidered fabric handmade by Hmong hill tribes in Northern Thailand. We are located in the centre of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand, Lanna Region.

Our designers work together to ensure we produce quality items that are distinctive and unique for our customer's worldwide. Our aim is to satisfy the needs of people passionate about items.

With our knowledge and experience we are confident in providing quality goods with professional shipping.

Finally, I am thankful so much for every customer that helps save/support what I love. I hope you are happy to support me as artisan.

Narissara - Changnoi Bags