Artist's Process: Kosmosky Handcrafting

Each of Kosmosky's steel tongue drums are a unique handcrafted masterpiece of persistence, creativity, and ingenuity. 

From an early background in working with old and discarded propane tanks, Kosmosky's craft has evolved to mastery. Now, the body is forged and welded with high carbon steel.

The welding takes steady hand and a careful eye for metal. The early form starts off rough.

The tuning must be cut precisely in order to resonate harmoniously. First, the initial cuts.

It requires a master metal worker.

And then, to continue to shape it in the workshop.

A blow-torch is an essential metal-crafters' tool.

There is no room for short-cuts in the crafting process. Each drum is required to be manually tuned by a master craftsman in order to ensure the desired sound is precise.
The sound quality of the notes of a steel tongue drum are closely interrelated by their interconnected nature and resonate not only note by note but also within the body of the drum and the proximal tongues.
When a note is struck, the rest of the steel drum comes into vibrational motion too. Any slight deviation from these precise values of the notes from their intended sound vibration speeds result in micro-dissonance within the interrelated note structures.
A metal artisan's touch, to ensure that proximal notes remain in harmony, is a requirement for each of these handcrafted works of art.

Another Masterpiece.
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