Kosmosky 9" Unengraved Steel Tongue Drum (4 Colors)

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Featured Artist - Kosmosky Workshop

Unmistakably unique, artistic perfection at its finest. Master Russian metal-crafters forge and shape these otherworldly solid body instruments to produce an ethereal and emotionally powerful sound.

Used for sound healing, relaxing and reflective music, to hold and play one of these resonating instruments is an experience.

Read more here about the artist's hand-crafting process.

  • Material: High-carbon steel
  • 8 rounded tongues - 8 notes (tones);
  • Diameter - 9 inches across (22cm)
  • Weight - 4.4lb (2kg)
  • Scale: Tuning can be shaped for free on request - Standard is Astral (A Minor)
  • A pair of mallets and a free Kosmosky carrying bag is included!
  • Colors are for reference only. Annealing process cannot guarantee exact color.

Please note final delivery times when ordering Kosmosky products:
Each Steel Drum is hand-made and hand-tuned and requires 2-3 weeks for crafting and an additional 3 weeks for shipping from Russia. It may take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive from time of ordering.

Custom tuning can be shaped on request! Please contact us at info@kismetcollections.com with your order within 2 days to select a custom scale. Standard tuning will arrive in Astral (A-minor) unless otherwise requested.

Scales and Tuning Selection 9" Drums.

Kosmosky Items Refunds & Returns Policy

Thank you for your patience with us and the artists we work with!

& Receive a FREE Kosmosky Carrying Bag
AND a Pair of Drum Mallets 

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