Hippie Flower Pendant Necklace (5 Styles)

Hippie Flower Pendant Necklace (5 Styles)

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Be in touch with your Hippie side! 

Capture the grace and free spirit of wild nature with the Hippie Flower Pendant. 

Handcrafted and coated in natural resin to capture the holistic essence of beautiful real flowers, no one pendant is exactly the same. 

Gorgeously simple, its hard to beat the beauty of all-natural appeal of a wildflower.

  • Material: Natural Resin with real flower for a beautiful organic appeal.
  • Perfect as a gift for family, friends and children. For anyone with a hippie/bohemian side.
  • Necklace strings and cords can be swapped out for your own homemade creations. Mix and match as desired! 

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