Flower Terrarium Necklace (4 Styles)

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Featured Artist - MARIAELA

Lovely terrarium necklace by MARIAELA.
One of a kind.

Flower is locked into glass forever. I'm trying to show that on my photos.
I adore to picking and drying flowers.
In my jewelry are placed flowers which I have picked from meadows and my garden.
I try to choose the plants that will keep their color for long, but as these are real dried species you need to know that they might fade after some time. It’s because I don’t dye them, so it comes along with a natural process of passing.

Photos are the example of the product. Pendants can vary slightly because in nature there are no two the same flowers.
I try to choose lasting species of flowers.

All of my jewelry is created in my home studio.
Handmade with love ♥.
Tifanny method, eco-friendly tin.

The necklace is made from convex glass. It's a little bit heavier, but the perched flowers are enlarged like through the magnifying glass. 

Stylized to old silver.

If you would rather have flowers in your hair than diamonds on your neck - MARIAELA is the best choice for you!

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