Amethyst Bottle

Amethyst Bottle

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Featured Artist - Mizu Aura

Create More Calm

Amethyst emanates balance, serenity, and calm - inside and out.

Natural Crystal Amethyst helps to dissolve creativity blocks, promotes self-awareness and emotional wellbeing. Health benefits include reduction of stress, tension, anxiety and pain. Amethyst infused water absorbs the unique vibrational energies of the crystal and imparts its healing benefits to the drinker.
+ Natural Amethyst Crystal
+ Stainless Steel
+ Premium Grade Glass
+ Superior Borosilicate Glass is reusable for a lifetime
and made with eco friendly non-petroleum construction
+ Thermal Shock, Acid Leach and Sun Resistant
ensuring our crystal infused water is always pure and fresh
absolutely no chemical leaching or taste like plastic bottles
+ 100% BPA Free
better for taste, your health, and the world
+ 18 oz | (530 ml) volume capacity
+ Product Weight: 1 lb | (.45 kg)
+ Height: 9.25 inch | (23.5 cm)
+ Diameter: 2.55 inch | (6.5 cm)
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