Healing 7 Chakras Wooden Energy Beads

Healing 7 Chakras Wooden Energy Beads

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Restore and renew the 7 essential Chakras in your body with this handmade beaded bracelet. It returns the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical chakras of your body in natural balance. Ideal for people who need more energy, feeling anxious and stressed. You may feel a pleasant sensation holding these stones in your hand

Purple Agate represents the Third Eye Chakra
Blue Lapis Lazuli represents the Throat Chakra
Turquoise Stone represents the Higher Heart Chakra
Green Khaulite represents the Heart Chakra
Grounded Tiger's Eye represents the Earth Chakra
Orange Amber represents the Sacral Chakra
Red Agate represents the Root Chakra
    • Elastic thread
    • Suitable for wrist or ankle
    • Size: Bead 8mm / 0.3"

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