Artist's Story: Mizu Aura

Water, Crystal Energy and You

Our daily choices create a ripple effect through our whole lives, which is why we believe that charging water with the sacred power of crystals is one of the most profound ways to align yourself with your highest spiritual good.

Water has an innate sensitivity that allows for the formation of geometric patterns within clusters of water molecules. The influence of our thoughts, words and feelings on molecules of water can positively impact our personal health, our direction in life and the world around us.

Our products are designed to enhance the simple action of drinking water, the cornerstone of life and what our bodies are made of - each bottle a physical representation of commitment to a positively charged life and a high vibe lifestyle.

The Mizu Aura experience aims to bring our customers an experience of lasting mindful bliss and an effortless practice of gratitude into their daily lives.

An authentic, quiet moment amidst the buzz of life - raw crystal energy and pure liquid life that flows into the rest of your day.


An Ancient Healing Practice, Masterfully Recreated

Crystal Water Infusions are an ancient healing practice, masterfully recreated here in an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary design.

Mizu Aura Crystal Water Bottles are made with only the highest quality materials, including natural crystals - hand selected for each bottle. 

Expertly crafted stainless steel chrome curves fit seamlessly above and below specially formulated glass to encapsulate an ultra-clear vessel for mindful water consumption, responsible reusability and a timeless spiritual practice.

All of our stainless steel caps, borosilicate glass bottles, and natural crystals are unleaded, cadmium-free and BPA-free. Our drinking experience is designed to create an ultra pure crystal elixir with a focus on health and aesthetic reusability.

The Power of Crystal Energy

The positive energies emanated by natural crystals form a healing infusion of water and crystal energy.

Use your intuition to choose the right healing crystals for your spiritual journey, ask yourself - what do I want most in life? What do I want in the future? What do I want right now?

A well thought out intention is the starting point for crystal energy water because positive intentions instilled into your daily thought patterns also become part of its energy.

Each and every crystal possesses unique and powerful properties, and we want to make this experience portable and accessible to you. 

Take a look to see which crystal water bottle calls to you.

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