Artist's Story: MARIAELA

"I believe that emotions that accompany my work transfer into the product I make.

Hi! I sell handmade items. I have been working with my husband for some time now. It is very inspiring, because we make a duet, in which we complement each other. I am the visionary, my husband is more practical.

I melt the glass and the ceramics myself. They are all unique. I frame the jewelry with ecological tin that allows creating a light frame which looks like old silver. I am a pioneer of this kind of jewelry. It is based on Tiffany’s method that is now used to assemble small elements of stained-glass.

I find the electroforming method interesting as well. The stones I use must be of high quality. I love taking photos and talking to my clients. I am also the model for my works, which makes me happy too. Sometimes you can also find my daughters, or my husband in my photos. He presents the masculine line of my jewelry.

I use glass waste from artists that work with stained-glass, as well as broken glass I get from a glass wholesale company that is situated not far from here.

I collect flowers and dry them in old books. I pack the jewelry in cardboard boxes and secure with sticky tape. I do not use plastic or those typical gift boxes made in China. I can say that I am an expert in all these fields.  This work is my passion and I like being responsible for the whole process, starting from the vision of the shop, through the making of the items, and ending on the personal thanking the client for their opinion. I always try to focus on what can be done better, more interesting, more wisely. 

Everything started from the first thought that I wanted to produce jewelry. The rest takes place on its own. But every day I remind myself this all has a much deeper purpose.

I have great feedback. Clients often tell me that my jewelry makes them happy, that they are very content with such individual way of packing the items and such additional gift makes them happy. It really gives a boost!"