Artist's Story: Indigo Skye Crochet

Crochet everyday

That's what I do! I love crochet so much I thought I would love to open a shop then I can crochet even more. 😀 
When I was about 7 my mum taught me knitting and a bit of crochet some cross stitch and I loved it all. I even knitted my brother a pink tie which he actually wore! 
Then as I got older I completely forgot about all these amazing crafts, it wasn't until I had my first baby girl Indigo, that my mum encouraged me to take up a hobby again.

I wanted to do crochet as I have always loved that 70s hippy crochet look and I wanted to make it for myself, and my little girl but I couldn't remember how to do it at all. I ended up teaching myself by using you tube and google.

Since then I had another baby girl, Amber.

I love using crochet patterns from the 70s for the pieces I make for my shop as I have always loved everything about that era. I also do a lot of recycling and all the things that are sewn in the shop is from recycled material. I also use Australian made yarn.