Mirror & Feathers Pendant Necklace

Mirror & Feathers Pendant Necklace

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Featured Artist - MARIAELA

What you see? Mirror Neuron, Mirror necklace, Everyday jewelry, Reflection, tinned, feathers, classy, mysterious necklace by MARIAELA.

Mirror Neuron...
Can you tell me what you see?
Mysterious necklace by MARIAELA.
One of a kind. 

All of my jewelry is created in my home studio.
Handmade with love ♥.
Tifanny method, eco-friendly tin.

  • Length of pendant with grummet and feathers: 10.3 cm or 4.08 inches.
  • Stylized to an old silver
  • Look glamorous and be the center of attention!

If you would rather have flowers in your hair than diamonds on your neck - MARIAELA is the best choice for you!

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